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The latest versions fix several bugs, allows setting more options on a per-action basis, add configuration options to pointerEvents and add several new methods and options. The changelog lists all the major changes.

Per-action modifiers array

Modifiers are now created with interact.modifiers[modifierName](options) methods. The return values returned by these methods go into the actionOptions.modifiers array. The lets you more easily reuse modifier configurations and specify their execution order.

// create a restrict modifier to prevent dragging an element out of its parent
const restrictToParent = interact.modifiers.restrict({
  restriction: 'parent',
  elementRect: { left: 0, right: 0, top: 1, bottom: 1 },

// create a snap modifier which changes the event coordinates to the closest
// corner of a grid
const snap100x100 = interact.modifiers.snap({
  targets: [interact.snappers.grid({ x: 100, y: 100 })],
  relativePoints: [{ x: 0.5, y: 0.5 }],

    // apply the restrict and then the snap modifiers to drag events
    modifiers: [restrictToParent, snap100x100],
  .on('dragmove', event => console.log(event.pageX, event.pageY))

Improved resize snap and restrict

There are a few new snap and restrict modifiers for resize actions:


  • pointer coordinate-based restrict
  • element rect-based restriction restrictRect
  • element size-based restrictSize (resize only)
  • and element edge-based restrictEdges (resize only)


  • pointer coordinate-based snap which is best suited to drag actions,
  • snapSize which works only on resize actions and let’s you set targets for the size of the target element,
  • and snapEdges which is similar to snapSize, but let’s you set the target positions of the edges of the target element.
  edges: { bottom: true, right: true },

  // sizes at fixed grid points
  snapSize: {
    targets: [
      interact.snappers.grid({ x: 25, y: 25, range: Infinity }),

  // minimum size
  restrictSize: {
    min: { width: 100, height: 50 },

  // keep the edges inside the parent
  restrictEdges: {
    outer: 'parent',
    endOnly: true,

Resize aspectRatio modifier

The resize preserveAspectRatio and square options have been replaced by an aspectRatio modifier which can cooperate with other modifiers.

  edges: { left: true, bottom: true },
  modifiers: [
      // ratio may be the string 'preserve' to maintain the starting aspect ratio,
      // or any number to force a width/height ratio
      ratio: 'preserve',
      // To add other modifiers that respect the aspect ratio,
      // put them in the aspectRatio.modifiers array
      modifiers: [interact.modifiers.restrictSize({ max: 'parent' })],
  modifiers: [
      // The equalDelta option replaces the old resize.square option
      equalDelta: true,

Removed Methods

The methods in the table below were removed and replaced with action method options and modifier methods for the new modifiers array API:

MethodReplaced with
interactable.squareResize(bool)interact.modifiers.aspectRatio({ equalDelta: true })
interactable.snap({ actions: ['drag'], ...snapOptions })interact.modifiers.snap(snapOptions)
interactable.inertia(true)interactable.draggable({ inertia: true })
interactable.accept('.can-be-dropped')interactable.dropzone({ accept: '.can-be-dropped' })
interact.margin(50)interactable.resizable({ margin: 50 })

Action end event dx/dy

The dx and dy fields on dragend, resizeend and gestureend events were formally the difference between the start and end coordinates. Now they are always 0 (the difference between the end and the last move event). Use event.X0 and event.Y0 (or event.clientX0 and event.clientY0) to get the starting coordinates and subtract them from the end event coordinates.

  onend: function (event) {
    console.log(event.pageX - event.X0, event.pageY - event.Y0)

Drop events

dragend events are now fired before drop events. Use dragendEvent.relatedTarget to get the dropzone element if there will be a drop event.

Mouse buttons

By default, only the left mouse button can start actions. The mouseButtons action option can be used to change this.