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Dropzones define elements that draggable targets can be “dropped” into and which elements will be accepted. Like with drag events, drop events don’t modify the DOM to re-parent elements. You will have to do this in your own event listeners if you need this.

    ondrop: function (event) {
            + ' was dropped into '
            + event.target.id)
  .on('dropactivate', function (event) {

Dropzone Events

Dropzone events are plain objects with the following properties:

targetThe dropzone element
dropzoneThe dropzone Interactable
relatedTargetThe element that’s being dragged
draggableThe Interactable that’s being dragged
dragEventThe related drag event – drag{start,move,end}
timeStampTime of the event
typeThe event type
  accept: '.drag0, .drag1',


The dropzone accept option is a CSS selector or element which must match the dragged element in order for drop events to be fired.

  overlap: 0.25

The overlap option sets how drops are checked for. The allowed values are:

  • 'pointer' – the pointer must be over the dropzone (default)
  • 'center' – the draggable element’s center must be over the dropzone
  • a number from 0-1 which is the (intersection area) / (draggable area). e.g. 0.5 for drop to happen when half of the area of the draggable is over the dropzone


The checker option is a function that you set to additionally check if a dragged element can be dropped into a dropzone.

  checker: function (
    dragEvent,         // related dragmove or dragend
    event,             // Touch, Pointer or Mouse Event
    dropped,           // bool default checker result
    dropzone,          // dropzone Interactable
    dropzoneElement,   // dropzone element
    draggable,         // draggable Interactable
    draggableElement   // draggable element
  ) {

    // only allow drops into empty dropzone elements
    return dropped && !dropElement.hasChildNodes();

The checker function takes the following arguments:

dragEventrelated dragmove or dragend event
eventThe user move/up/end Event related to the dragEvent
droppedThe value from the default drop checker
dropzoneThe dropzone interactable
dropElementThe dropzone element
draggableThe Interactable being dragged
draggableElementThe actual element that’s being dragged