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v1.3 fixes several bugs, allows setting more options on a per-action basis, adds configuration options to pointerEvents and adds several new methods and options. The changelog lists all the major changes.

Removed Methods

The methods in the table below were removed and replaced with action method options:

Method Replaced with
interactable .squareResize(bool) interactable .resizable({ square: bool })
interactable .snap({ actions: ['drag'], ...snapOptions }) interactable .draggable({ snap: snapOptions })
interactable .restrict({ restriction: 'self' }) interactable .draggable({ restrict: { restriction: 'self' } })
interactable .inertia(true) interactable .draggable({ inertia: true })
interactable .accept('.can-be-dropped') interactable .dropzone({ accept: '.can-be-dropped' })
interact .margin(50) interactable .resizable({ margin: 60 })

Improved resize snap and restrict

There’s 1 new snap modifier and 2 new resize modifiers for resize actions:

  edges: { bottom: true, right: true },

  // sizes at fixed grid points
  snapSize: {
    targets: [
      interact.createSnapGrid({ x: 25, y: 25, range: Infinity }),

  // minimum size
  restrictSize: {
    min: { width: 100, height: 50 },

  // keep the edges inside the parent
  restrictEdges: {
    outer: 'parent',
    endOnly: true,

Action end event dx/dy

The dx and dy fields on dragend, resizeend and gestureend events were formally the difference between the start and end coordinates. Now they are always 0 (the difference between the end and the last move event). Use event.X0 and event.Y0 (or event.clientX0 and event.clientY0) to get the starting coordinates and subtract them from the end event coordinates.

  onend: function (event) {
    console.log(event.pageX - event.X0, event.pageY - event.Y0);

Drop events

dragend events are now fired before drop events. Use dragendEvent.relatedTarget to get the dropzone element if there will be a drop event.

Mouse buttons

By default, only the left mouse button can start actions. The mouseButtons action option can be used to change this.